Thursday, July 30, 2015

42 Glen Elm Avenue's New Tenants

New tenants that have rented at 42 Glen Elm have been recently disappointed with 
O'Shanters  instance that the units are included in the building's AGI.
These newly renovated units were rented out to the new occupants at market value and are now facing increasing another 4.6%, this means an increase well over a hundred dollars each month,
Which can increase rents thousands each year.
They have lived with the renovations and can look forward to a huge new construction project that will gobble up half of the backyard.
This is disappointing to older and new tenants alike, we have to look forward to AGIs every year.
 We have three empty renovated units in the building, soon to be four.
This says to me that the units asking rental price is well above market vale.
So why the increases to the new tenants?
Anyone who wants to rent at 42 Glen Elm would be wise to consider that their rent would increase above the guideline 
every year.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Laundry Room

Just wanted to talk about the dirty laundry,
It's as be the topic of some discussion what is the best etiquette
when faced with the undesirable fact of a full washer or dryer and
 no one in sight to deal with it.
I just take the clothes out and start my own washing
but some people find this a rude practice, so I will give a
2 minute grace period,  just in case the timer on the machine
Is off or the owner of the washing in on their way down.
Also I will start setting my alarm 2 minutes early to deal with
my own washing for the same reason.
Would love to hear any feedback in the comments section!

Our New Blog Address

I have created a new blog for GETA, but first here is a link to the previous blog.